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New Profile Posts

  1. last request
  2. CrazyImp
    Aiming to break next season into 46 different one-week seasons, already done my research into the L2 posters, preparation. #Cowleyisms
  3. KevinMcallister
  4. Tivvyultras
    looking forward to my birthday
  5. johnnytodd
  6. Vanni
    Vanni mysteriouscurle
    Noooo!!!! Please reconsider......
    1. mysteriouscurle
      Sorry but I am going to try this thing where you go without any internet use at all for some time. It's so I can have a better life and when the time is right I will comeback and only use the internet for good useful things, so that does not include being a crazy alter ego on a forum. Or I could just end up failing it and carry on wasting my life away doing this. I'll still do the prediction thing, but only that.
      Apr 8, 2017
  7. mysteriouscurle
    I'm taking a break from coming on here. So ta ta!
  8. B2TF
    Will only engage with supporters of our brother Great & Historic Football League clubs
  9. B2TF
    No longer engages with Tin Potters.
  10. KevinMcallister
    Fun FACT of the day - Rammy loves football again
    1. Rammy likes this.
  11. FGR Stroud
    FGR Stroud GuiseleySteve
    Hi Steve,

    I am spending weekend with my cousin in Hawkesworth Avenue and so will walk to ground for Saturday's match.
    Once again I'd like to thank you for your message of support for FGR last May in the Wembley play off game.
    As such I'd like to buy you a beer before game.

    See you Saturday.
    I'm known as Tom and wear a flat cap with the FGR crest sewn onto it.

  12. Indra Gunawan
    Indra Gunawan
    Manchester United vs Everton 5 April 2017
  13. Rammy
    Fun Fact of the Day: Kevin has eaten a sandwich.
    1. Etty Abrics likes this.
  14. Tivvyultras
    getting excited about tomorrow
  15. Reginald Fodstain
    Reginald Fodstain
    Un nuit à Birkenhead c'est une année dans un autre endroit.
  16. Andy Proctor
    Andy Proctor
    I have mental health problems so please be carefull what you say to me as i could take it the wrong way.
  17. HertsWolf
    Not quite as gone
  18. Perspective
    A reward for loyalty, supported Chelsea since 1956.
  19. Perspective
    A tough draw against Sours in the semi's.
  20. Perspective
    Hoping for our second double this season.
  21. Perspective
    Love the look of the new stadium. Ugly from the air but ground level up cgi's look iconic. A cathedral for football.
  22. Perspective
    A Chelsea fan, so obviously very happy at the mo. Loved kante's goal against Man. U.
  23. JJH
    JJH Bottega Don
    Chris we miss you
  24. Tivvyultras
    trying to forget a bad day at the office
  25. RKP
  26. ninjanfx
    Lets go manchester united!
  27. Alex812495
    Alex812495 womble76
    hello , can you say me who is most important players in your team ? Top 5
  28. ProfessorGreen
    My anus brings all the boys to the yard.
    1. Look Out There Are Llamas
      Look Out There Are Llamas
      Damn right it's better than yours?
      Mar 4, 2017
  29. Dan Patterson
    Dan Patterson AFCB_Mark
  30. DH84
    Gym smasher with 1.3% body fat