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    Like the efl will make a decision
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    Aldridge v Allardyce, King v Neal.

    Dont like seeing any club in this position. Get well soon trotters
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    Early season

    What's the consensus early season guys. Who will win the league? Any outstanding players? It's hard to keep in touch now as much as I want to
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    Aldridge v Allardyce, King v Neal.

    Our friday night favourites....... Muir the liniker of the lower divisions... some of their fav quotes about us
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    Aldridge v Allardyce, King v Neal.

    Thanks for the memories mate... sammy Lee's angry face and shouting at the swa as we laughed it him will stay with me forever
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    Dodgy pop-up

    Yes I qualify for membership of this exclusive club too
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    The worst you have felt supporting your team?

    Was just gonna type the same boz. Dreadful attitude that day . Welling were down already and we just surrendered after their equaliser. Not the tribute the great man deserved
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    The Bury summer signing uberthread. WARNING - Contains tinpot material

    This is terrible for all north west clubs losing bury and Bolton off tranmeres fixtures will cost us over 100k in lost revenue
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    Was in the east stand of university of bolton stadium on Saturday what a sad state of affairs . Gates opened 15 minutes before the first game ( to keep costs down according to gate girl) , only 4 stewards for 5000 saints supporters ( once again to reduce costs) , hardly any bar staff on which...
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    Early Predictions 19/20

    We sacked gary brabin for that in the national league. 10 players behind the ball home to welling and we still lost
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    National League 2019/20

    Well done gary. Great eye for a player terrible tactician. Welling home will live long in trfc nightmares
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    The 2019/20 Division Four New Kits Thread

    Are Mansfield thinking of starting a rugby league team?
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    Questions re League 2 in 19/20

    Cookie is a better finisher then Norwood so as long as Mansfield play to his strengths he will be head and shoulders above anyone else in the goalscoring charts . ( Morgan ferrier second) Mansfield, swindle and Salford will go up with Bradford in the playoffs. Morecambe and sunny scunny will...
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    Looking for a game to go to in Non League

    Borehamwood are a horrible club dont give them your dosh. Sutton, bromley, dagenham or even barnet
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    Stickied League 1 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 19/20

    Its a funny one with payne judging by what pirates say we shouldnt touch him with a bargepole however after seeing what mellon has done with cook, norwood, monthe, harris, jennings and mcculloch i say bring it on. They have all developed so much under him nors even going out of his way to say...