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    National League 2018/19

    Solihull's new stands went up quick
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Aryan Tajbakhsh has joined Dulwich. Maybe National South might be more his level, but I always thought he was a right liability who was a red card waiting to happen.
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    National League relegation battle 18/19

    Appointing Still was always with an eye on sorting us out next season in the league below. The damage was really done well before he even arrived, not even Pep or Klopp could get anything out of this piss poor group of inconsistent players. I honestly just can't wait for the season to end so...
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    Stickied Non-League Away Support 2018/19

    40-50 Halifax at Maidstone
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    Highlights 2018/19

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    National League Fixtures - 19/02/19

    One win at home in the league all season, if Halifax can't beat this shambles of a team they deserve to go down.
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    2018-19 Isthmian League Thread ("Bostik" if you must)

    Yeah that's exactly like our first 3G pitch, we had these awful big black patches all over the place where to much rubber pellets had been put on the pitch and they hadn't been spread properly. There the older style 3G pitches which are a lot cheaper to install, the newer ones play a lot...
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    National League Fixtures - 16/2/2019

    Still not quite sure how he managed to get a move to a football league club. He was utterly shite for us & he was that bad at Dagenham that they kept trying to send him back to us.
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    National League Fixtures - 16/2/2019

    Bath City are meant to be installing a 3G pitch soon and they could win the National South playoffs.
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    National League Fixtures - 16/2/2019

    I accepted we were going down back in December. The damage was done back in the summer when we signed shit like Quigley & Mullings and then appointing a clueless fraud of a manager in Harry Wheeler.
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    National League Fixtures - 16/2/2019

    Think its safe to say that barring a miracle the bottom 3 are all gone.
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    Stickied Non-League Away Support 2018/19

    630 Maidstone at Bromley
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    Stickied Non-League Away Support 2018/19

    No doubt we have some annoying little c*** and the stewards should of got involved a lot earlier, but I was stood right next to that incident and the idiot who went wading in throwing punches was a grade a c***. He full on lost it and went charging in like some caged animal screaming and...
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    We've signed Justin Amaluzor from Braintree.
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    Stickied Transfer Rumours

    Justin Amaluzor is rumoured to be joining us from Braintree