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    Confirmed Retained/Released 2019

    Joe Quigley is your man ;)
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    Worst town in the National League.

    Concord/Canvey Island & Dartford are both pretty damn bleak.
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    2018-19 National League South

    Dean Brennan??
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    New Shots manager....

    We were pretty damn terrible, but he looked proper decent when I saw him play against us.
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    We're far from a sugar daddy club, if anything our owners love doing everything on the cheap.
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    New Shots manager....

    Going by his website (yes he actually has his own website) he's doing a course on football management this summer.
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    2018-19 National League South

    Now its been announced who will be in our league next season, should we start a new thread or will you just change the name of this one??
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    Admission Prices 2019/2020.

    I will pay it but I honestly think 15 quid for regional football is far to much.
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    To be honest we rarely got to see him play, he only played like 2 games for us and they were both County Cup games. To put things into perspective we had like 7 or 8 keepers this season yet none of the managers we had thought he was good enough to start in the league. So I was proper shocked...
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    National League 2018/19 Season Review

    Your personal player of the season: Blair Turgott Your teams best prospect: Jake Embery Biggest Flop: Alex Finney, Jake Cassidy, Shamir Mullings or Joe Quigley Top Scorer: Blair Turgott Most Improved: Blair Turgott Team strength: None Team Weakness: Many Season Rating out of 10: 0 Manager rating...
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Our young 3rd choice keeper who spent half the season on loan at Basildon has joined Dagenham.
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    National League 2019/20

    I really struggle to believe that Fylde's budget was only 50k more than ours.
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    2018-19 National League South

    Looks like Saunders didn't get the higher job offers he was hoping for......hes gone back to Margate.
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    2018-19 National League South

    I wouldnt take much Sword says on the forum serious, most of it is him being proper sarcastic/trolling or posting when hes drunk. In person hes actually a proper sound bloke.
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    2018-19 National League South

    I know Still always seemed to have a great eye for these lower league players when he was at Dagenham, but a 2 year deal for someone who scored 13 goals in the Ryman Premier is a bit of a head scratcher.