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  1. Mark kavanagh

    The League 2 Promotion thread

    You may have outplayed us at field mill ... fair play! But we never stabbed our fellow miners in the back during the national strike! A poor performance is forgivable
  2. Mark kavanagh

    Div 2 Likes and dislikes.

    Just on the subject if milton keynes wanna name mitch hancox on the bench and make sure he comes and warms up in front of the town paddock we will be ever so grateful... i for one would like to educate him and give him my opinion on why me, my fellow supporters and all associated with the club...
  3. Mark kavanagh

    North Ferriby United liquadted at the High Court

    Shocking, if the bbc had bothered themselves and covered this im sure we could have banded together and saved them ... we did it for widnes rlfc a few weeks ago and they needed 300k. Sadly the bbc think plucky little salford are the countrys only non league club
  4. Mark kavanagh

    National League Fixtures - 12/3/2019

    Would you believe cookie was better, imagine if he hadnt got his titty lip over getting dropped for stockton then alabi
  5. Mark kavanagh

    National League Fixtures - 12/3/2019

    No mate its the consensus of everyone who sits aroud me in thevtown paddock that we want the big clubs back and love our games against wrexham... but if you know different please enlighten me x
  6. Mark kavanagh

    National League Fixtures - 12/3/2019

    You did mate, but as a one off anyone can do that to anyone, its consistency that matters . No point putting 5 past us and 6 past the bad winners then losing at guiseley and woking. Believe me 10 one nil wins are better the one ten nil win. We were shocking that day, it looked like we had been...
  7. Mark kavanagh

    National League Fixtures - 12/3/2019

    Its funny the last four years people have commented how this league is weaker every season and they are not impressed with the champions yet 3 of the last 6 teams promoted are in the playoffs or promotion places in the league above . We were beating teams 3,4 or 5 nil last season pinning them in...
  8. Mark kavanagh

    Tranmere vs Grimsby

    He was sent off tonight
  9. Mark kavanagh

    National League Fixtures - 12/3/2019

    ENGLISH WINTER TRADITIONS: Dec Xmas Jan New year Feb Shrove tuesday Mar Wrexham collapse
  10. Mark kavanagh

    Tranmere vs Grimsby

    Deffo didnt deserve a four one win , I think the worlds dodgiest peno compounded with scotty telling our players to follow it in as he was gonna save it... he did, they didnt, he exploded! 3 world class saves in 3 games for scotty now and to think the abuse i used to give him last season...
  11. Mark kavanagh

    Hello Non-League!

    It's county sadly and to the pleasure of every Tranmere supporter the world's worst winners macc are on their way back.... hopefully to drop straight through.
  12. Mark kavanagh


    Very little to do with idiot tranmere fans we didnt think we were bigger or better then anyone... we were a national league team and if we come down again we will be a national league team... despite having a big stadium and decent history for 3 years we were the same level as welling, braintree...
  13. Mark kavanagh

    National League Fixtures - 9/3/2019

    I said the same thing a couple of weeks back dean, they were the best team in the league that season.... a couple of shots lads explained it . Its on a matchday thread from a few weeks back
  14. Mark kavanagh

    Friday night Cheshire Derby fun TRFC vs CAFC

    Notts county and Oldham were louder as were spurs but fair play great support from Crewe, we probably edged it and deserved the win although hands up it was a stone wall Crewe penalty last minute.... You cannot be offside from a back pass! Need to see if the lino is related to ross joyce
  15. Mark kavanagh

    Drums at Football Grounds

    I moved section of the ground due to our awful drummers, it's not just the dreadful out of beat racket they make but the swarm of brats they attract running around bored of the game getting under your feet , trying to start that awful super white army chant or the Connor Jennings never gives the...
  16. Mark kavanagh

    National League Fixtures - 2/3/2019

    Fair point luke, they hammered us at their place, best performance against us that season and were really impressive at our place too...undoubtedly Lincoln were the most consistent team however the shots were the best side we played against
  17. Mark kavanagh

    National League Fixtures - 2/3/2019

    Really struggled to interpret ebb..... the rec to us oldies. It's scary I've seen darlo, York, Stockport and Chester ( haha) really struggle down there, really wouldn't wanna see shots down there . Waddock is always talking about his love for the club so would he not step aside? He was linked...
  18. Mark kavanagh

    National League Fixtures - 2/3/2019

    Aldershot wtf! They were the best team in this division the year Lincoln won it... What's happening? Despite their we've got tollitt from the shite song would still like to see Wrexham and orient coming up
  19. Mark kavanagh

    Tranny v Notts

    Still beat county and they were allowed to use their hands
  20. Mark kavanagh

    Tranny v Notts

    Decent flock of magpies at prenton