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  1. Conker

    Season Tickets/Match Day 2019/2020

    Be interested to know what all the clubs are charging this season, Mansfield’s have been ridiculously priced as per usual. A adult season ticket at £350 is £50 to much at this level in my opinion and the worst thing is our match day prices - if you decide on the day to go buy a ticket it’s...
  2. Conker

    Mansfield Vs Stevenage

    I dunno if any Stevenage fans are on here but it's such a important game with a sold out* home crowd. *Only been allowed to sell 90% of seats and 200 Stevenage fans will have a 1800 seater for themselves so it's only about 6,500 tickets for the home end instead of the actual 9,000 capacity...