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  1. blademan89

    Blades v hull

    Unchanged team for the 4th consecutive game for us. On paper you'd have it as a home banker but I think it will be tight, with us edging it late on to go top. Blades 2v1 hull. Billy 2
  2. blademan89

    Rovers v blades

    Very tough game with the start Blackburn have made, unbeaten in 25 home games too. But we ain't doing too bad ourselves either, we seem to be leaking a few too many but were scoring enough at the minute thankfully. Hopefully we stick with the same team. Rovers 2 v 2 blades.
  3. blademan89

    Blades v pne

    If wilder carries on going on about the fact Preston played a day earlier in midweek I might personally chin him, were 8 games into the fucking season get on with it ffs. God help you Chris if you ever manage a club in Europe. Anyway onto the game, well it's safe to say we got away with a point...
  4. blademan89

    Blades v blues

    Looking at the league table you'd say home win, but I think Birmingham are much better than the position they are in, very tough game imo. Hopefully fleck is back for us, wilder has said he's will make changes tonight or saturday cos apparently the fixtures are unfair to us because Preston...
  5. blademan89

    Bristol city v blades

    Fancy quite a high scoring match here and a pretty good game with both teams fully committed to going for 3 points. Hopefully we can nick it but I'll go for a draw. Bristol 2v2 sheffield (20,111) (1012 blades).
  6. blademan89

    Blades v villa

    Sensational display so far.
  7. blademan89

    Bolton v blades

    Sounds like an absolutely superb performance from us, completely dominant throughout, with fleck, duffy and Norwood completely bossing it.
  8. blademan89

    Blades v norwich

    Fucking get in there Billy lad.
  9. blademan89

    Boro v blades

    Easy 2-0 home win.
  10. blademan89

    Blades v swans

    This is very fucking boring
  11. blademan89

    Birmingham v blades

    Absolutely massive game for both teams for 2 completely different reasons. I sense another draw to pretty much put pay to our hopes. Brum 1-1 sufc 25643, (2890 blades)
  12. blademan89

    Barnsley v blades

    After what should have been 6 points instead of 2 against two very good sides over Easter we still didnt lose touch which was a bonus, early kick off today and hopefully we apply some pressure on the others, barnsley look in a bad way and haven't won at home for ages, great chance of 3 points...
  13. blademan89

    Blades v cardiff

    Huge game for both clubs, by all accounts we were back to our early season form on Friday which is very encouraging to hear, as proved if we can replicate that we definitely stand a good chance of winning but Cardiff are in immense form and fully deserve to be where they are in the league as...
  14. blademan89

    Cheltenham 2018

    Nearly time for the big one. Get you're tips on here lads.
  15. blademan89

    Ipswich v blades

    Got a feeling this could be our 3rd 1-0 win over Ipswich this season. A goal after 21 minutes from Billy sharp and see it out nicely. Att. 16276 with 1178 blades.
  16. blademan89

    Fulham v blades

    Well one we are certainly expected to lose, the 1st game was an absolute thriller and Fulham have been superb ever since. I'll be optimistic as always and predict 3 points for the blades. Fulham 2-3 blades sharp 2 and an og. (1450 blades).
  17. blademan89

    Blades v burton

    A game we are expected to win here and to be honest I think we will do. A win here would make it 4 out of 5 and put us firmly back on track. With a trip to Fulham next tuesday we really could do with a win. Blades 3-1 burton. Sharp 3. 25785. 544 away
  18. blademan89

    Reading v blades

    Well after a remarkable let off in the results on Friday, we now have a chance to get back In the top 6 for the first time in a while. Hopefully a reaction after Friday happens. Reading 0-1 blades ( donaldson) 12711 (945 blades).
  19. blademan89

    Hull v blades

    Another sky game for us tommorrow night, they are in terrible form but that ain't surprising considering they appointed Nigel adkins. A good opportunity to get the points on the board before any of the other playoff chasers too. Apparently Hull are doing some protesting , maybe they could go...
  20. blademan89

    Blades v qpr

    A game we really should be winning considering qpr are a bag of shit away from home. Without me looking into it fully our record at night home games is absolutely atrocious in recent times. Last season our only 3 home defeats were all midweek games and already lost to Fulham,villa and bristol...