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Now that the fixtures are out, what are your thoughts going into the first month of the season? Obviously still plenty of time between now and then for signings and pre-season fixtures might give a better indication but seeing as this forum is a bit quiet right now, why not...

Bury (A) - Hopefully this will be going ahead, but who knows what shape Bury's team will be in by them. With all the issues at the club, their potential lack of players and the uncertainty involving their future I can't see anything other than us getting a win here at the moment. WIN

Shrewsbury (H) - Recent fixtures have been close affairs in general. Our first home game of the season, but expecting Shrewsbury to see us as one of their easier games and will put up a fight. DRAW

Wycombe Wanderers (A) - Really don't know what to make of Wycombe. We haven't played each other for seven years and purely on paper they seem a very mediocre side for this level. It's a 'sort of' Bucks derby that not many care about. Think it'll be a cautious affair, but wouldn't be surprised if we came away with a win here. DRAW

Lincoln City (H) - Tuesday evening game. Two good games last season in L2 with Lincoln being one of, if not the toughest side we came up against. As of now they haven't made any signings, whereas we've strengthened in certain areas. Expecting Lincoln to make a couple of significant signings, but as of now I think our improvements will level the playing field a little. DRAW

Peterborough United (H) - Hate to say it, but as usual very impressed with Posh's early transfer activity and really rate Darren Ferguson as a manager. Players like Beevers and Eisa will no doubt improve an already capable team. Think this will be our first real test and expecting a very tough encounter. Expect them to be top 6 comfortably at the end of the season. LOSE

Accrington Stanley (A) - A bit like Wycombe, can't really gauge how much of a threat they are - we haven't played them for 11 years. Considering their presumed budget they did fairly well last season. Genuinely no idea how this will one go, but have to lean towards a win when comparing the two squads.WIN

Estimated August points total: 9 out of a possible 18
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Fedora Dale

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Here's what Dale might do:

Tranmere (a) - battling 3-2 win
Donny (h) - down to earth with a 0-2 defeat against a very competent team
Shrews (a) - sneak a 1-0 win with a last minute breakaway goal
Sunderland (h) - totally unlikely 3-0 win
Blackpool (h) - and back to earth again with a 1-2 against my playoff outsider prediction.
Southend (a) - keep up the 100% away record with something silly like a 7-5 win.

12 points? Well, maybe! :)


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Donny A - we seem to have had a lot of draws at Donny since they moved. They're obviously without a manager at the moment, and we've seemingly strengthened this summer. 1-1 DRAW

Burton H - I think they'll go well this season. Hopefully it'll take them a while to get going and we can have a repeat of last seasons home opener against the same opposition and get the win. 2-1 WIN

Bury A - Lord only knows what state Bury will be in when we play them, but as it stands I've got to go with a WIN.

Blackpool H - Beat them 3-0 on the final day when they were about half a mile west on the beach. Can't read too much into that. They were good for the majority of last season, and now Oysten-Less, I think they'll have a pretty good season. Tricky game, which I think we may LOSE.

Coventry A - They had a good season last year without being impressive in any way. Interesting to see how they react to the move to St Andrews, so it's hard to call. On the fence with a 1-1 DRAW.

Bolton H - As with Bury, I think playing the basket cases early could be a blessing. They beat us 4-0 in both games when they were last here, so it's got to get better. I'd fancy us to sneak it, but I don't think Bolton will be as poor as some imagine. 2-1 WIN.

From the 6 games, 3 wins, 2 draws and a defeat seems a bit optimistic. But it's pre-season - who isn't optimistic?!

Don't care about the league cup, so losing at home to Newport wouldn't be the end of the world.

Luke Imp

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Not really sure on how we're going to line-up at the minute but our August is:

Accrington (h)
Rotherham (a)
Southend (h)
MK Dons (a)
Doncaster (a)
Fleetwood (h)

It looks a bit of a mixed bag there with Rotherham who you'd expect to be up there, your mid-table looking teams like Fleetwood, then Accrington who will probably be flitting between fighting relegation and mid-table again and a team who came up with us.

Tough looking away games, though.
Peterborough United
We tend to fly out of the traps until the clocks change & then it all goes downhill , I don't think that will be the case this year though with a toughish looking August.

1) FLEETWOOD ( Home ) They have recruited well so far & for me will be a comfortable mid table team punching above their weight however , we'll start the season with a hard earned 3 points ( WIN )

2) OXFORD ( Away ) A notoriously bad place for us to go & get a result , I can see that continuing again today ( LOSE )

3) IPSWICH ( Home ) I would love to see a repeat of the 7-1 mauling we handed out to them in 2011 I think it was but will probably witness a fantastic game of football with lots of young & hungry players with around 4,000 making the trip from Suffolk ( DRAW )

4) SOUTHEND ( Away ) Glad this is a midweek away game , despite being a couple of hours down the road Roots Hall has the poorest toilet facilities for away fans in this division ( & my bladder isn't brilliant ) so I won't be going , I do expect after their escape last season for us to go & grab the 3 points with a gritty performance ( WIN )

5 ) FAKE DONS ( Away ) Hour & a bit down the road , beautiful stadium , can't stand the chairman or how or what the team represents , but hey ho , it's a game we have to fulfill & with hopefully around 2,5-3,000 Posh fans will arrive with hope hoping that we can score the 1st goal , historically whoever scores 1st between the 2 teams in League matches goes on to win with the opposition failing to score , we lost 1-0 to them when they only had 9 men 2 seasons back with the bull that is Chucks Aneke running our defence ragged , this year , a boring 0-0 ( Draw )

6) SUNDERLAND ( Home ) Along with Accrington the friendliest fans in the division at home or away , they like Ipswich will descend on mass , 4,200 approximately & make a din whilst watching an attacking game of football , both matches last season ended in draws & I believe the same will happen this season , think their manager is over cautious in his approach to games & when they do get a lead they don't go for the jugular sit back , invite pressure & draw far more games than they should , everyone's Cup Final raises ours & other fans expectations to do well against them .

If I've done my maths correctly

9 from the first 18 ponts wise , any more , I'll be happy !


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Given it would be a miracle to even start the season at this point, I presume we will lose virtually every game this season.

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