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FA reform?

Discussion in 'General Football Chat' started by Super_horns, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Super_horns

    Super_horns Well-Known Member Moderator

    Aug 28, 2014
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    Once again the Government have threated to pull the funding away from the FA if they don't meet certain demands (albeit not sure how much of a hole 30 million will leave!)

    Think we've heard this message before and you could question that the Tories have rather more pressing national and international matters to worry about.

    But for once will words actually be turned into actions?


    Of course UEFA/FIFA might not approve of the Govt getting involved in footballing matters as I believe they don't like outside influences controlling the national football authorities.
  2. TubularBells

    TubularBells Active Member

    Dec 12, 2016
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    Burnley and Feyenoord
    First off. It needs totally revamping. Here is the list of the FA Board.
    Dame Heather Rabbatts DBE, Roger Devlin, Jim Rodwell, Jez Moxey, Peter McCormick OBE, David Gill, Jack Pearce, Mervyn Leggett, Robert Cotter, Barry Bright, Martin Glenn and Greg Clarke.
    Then you have the FA Council whose list is huge. The FA Management and County FA's. Scroll through that seemingly endless list and the overwhelming majority I have never heard of.
    Is that number of people necessary to run an organisition? Seems to me a hell of a lot of jobs for the boys and girls and almost all of them have never kicked a ball in anger in their life. Graeme le Saux and some bloke who played for Bognor Regis Town hardly represents the game.
    Seems to me if they want to get the FA's house in order, they could do with having people in there who have actually played the game.

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