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    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2018/19

    Thanks I hadn`t realised you had spent money.
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    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2018/19

    Seems a bit harsh on Askey, last season was surely a fluke wasn`t it?
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    Resurgent Vale v rubbish again Notts

    It would be so much weaker without the Vale, everyone in Barca, Munich and Paris dreams of a trip to Boslem.
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    Resurgent Vale v rubbish again Notts

    Before the match I thought Notts were probably in a false position but afterwards think they might join Chesterfield next year. Boldewijn gets injured they are down.
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    Resurgent Vale v rubbish again Notts

    Notts were poor, we were better and should have won comfortably and Harry Kewell is a knob. Interesting to hear he had a go at the Vale groundsman, Steve Speed as when he lost with Crawley he blamed the pitch for being too dry. He and Andy Proctor need help by the looks of it.
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    Notts v Crewe

    I`ll have you know "our Tom" is now fully toilet trained and is even working on his knife and fork technique.
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    Port Vale v Exeter City

    I had a good view and thought it was a pen.The ref gave a foul but incorrectly judged it to be outside the box, it was a silly tackle as was one from Clark later but thankfully the Exeter winger stayed on his feet.
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    Port Vale v Exeter City

    Stockley should have walked for his second elbow and we should have had a pen for the Pope foul but the ref was in no position to give it. Manny was booked correctly as he stopped them breaking away. Decent game and Exeter will be promoted with Lincoln.
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    I need you all to use the power of social media to get me my meeting with Charlie Adam in October

    To met him all you have to do is travel up to Stoke and meet him at "The Mich", Stoke`s training pitch. He won`t run away -at least not quickly!
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    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2018/2019

    Dimi had one poor game with us last season before we... Evtimov back to Forest . Good luck
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    Crewe v Vale

    I`m more confident today than I have been for years. I just hope the ref doesn`t fall for Crewe`s premier league style diving etc. Crewe 0 Vale 2(Miller 2) UTV
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    League 1 v league 2. Talking standards now.

    I think in the bottom 2 divisions there is such a big turnover of players each season that if any team gets their recruitment wrong, they can have a fall from grace. This is even more dramatic in League 2 than L1( ask Chesterfield fans). Sometimes this can mean that the worst sides in L1 are as...
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    League 1 v league 2. Talking standards now.

    There has always been a big gap but the last few years it seems the lower half of league 1 has been terrible and certainly in 2016/17 when we were relegated, all of the bottom 8 were crap and wouldn`t have been above half way in league 2.
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    Best Away Day Ever!

    For me 2-2 at Anfield with 9000 fans with us for a night match, oh for those days again.
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    Stoke vs Wigan

    I fink what Stoke need is to replace Rowett with Gianfranco Zola