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  1. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Friday night football - Notts vs Yeovil

    Notts fans wanting Nolan gone are moronic. Probably the reason why I despise Notts fans more than any other set of supporters.
  2. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Cambridge v Notts

    Cannot believe I'm reading Notts fans calling for changes and suggesting of all people Husin should be playing he's given no indications he's nowhere near football league standard. One of the signings along with Virtue who cost us promotion. Gutted not to be making the trip to Cambridge today...
  3. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Notts County v Colchester United (4/8/18)

    Was very impressed with Colchester huge improvement on last season the two centre backs looked very strong and the additions of Pell and Nouble make them a dangerous team. Draw was a fair reflection on a cagey contest. Plenty of promise from both teams
  4. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Any decent youngsters?

    Dondra He looks a bright prospect for us.
  5. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Notts County v Colchester United (4/8/18)

    Anything can happen first game of the season. Think Colchester have a shocking record at Meadow Lane can't recall seeing them beat us at home for years!
  6. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Salford City

    Some serious cash being banded about by them. Do fans of clubs who have spent time in non league believe the division is a forgone conclusion with the cash being spent or can the other clubs muster a shock? Personally I'd rather see clubs do it on merit than toy clubs being unsustainably funded
  7. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Things you know will happen next season

    A barely coherent shout of "come on notts these are dogshit!" A few seconds after kick off. Shortly followed by a much angry "Come on Notts pull this fucker back!"
  8. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Things you know will happen next season

    Forgetting that Kevin Ellison was still playing as he wheels away in celebration to send the 16 travelling Morecambe fans into raptures. Mansfield bringing in excess of their home attendance to Meadow Lane and keeping the curse of not beating them going! MK Dons (customers) swaggering around...
  9. AFaceInTheCrowd

    2018/19 Division Four Kits

    Joke kits for a joke club.
  10. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Crap that people shout at football

    These characters must exist at every club and can brighten up even the most mundane of game. There's a bloke near me who continually shouts for Notts to "Gerrit forward!" And then shouts nothing but obscenities when a centre back pumps it forward with an aimless punt upfield. There's another...
  11. AFaceInTheCrowd

    2018/19 Division Four Kits

    Looks like a 5 year old attempted a sticker book! Those stripes are rancid hope Notts don't follow suit as we have the same supplier.
  12. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Carabao Cup 2018/19

    Why was that draw in Vietnam did anyone listen to it online ? It was so bad with the pronunciation of the teams it was funny.
  13. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Carabao Cup 2018/19

    You'd rather drink piss off a nettle. Poor mans Redbull.
  14. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Season review 2017 -2018

    Luke imp any plans for Lincoln to expand the ground or even put in extra temporary seating to cope with increased demand?
  15. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Season review 2017 -2018

    Before we consign the season to the past and look forward have a bash at these: Club supported Notts County Best moment of the season: Few contenders here possibly the 4-1 win at Morecambe on Boxing Day or the cup upset to Brentford. Low point. Losing Yates and replacing him with crap like...
  16. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Most Hated.....

    Russell King was the best thing to happen to Notts took a club that was dying being killed by clueless fans with egos clinging to power and petty point scoring and won us the league and made national news. Regardless if it was a con or not I had one of my best years following Notts and I'll...
  17. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Coventry v Notts - Play Off Semi-Final 1st Leg

    We've waited 20 years to be in the play offs and Notts fans on our forum are debating where to watch the away leg on tv and which hotels they have booked for Wembley. Jesus wept! We deserve to lose for that alone. If we don't sell out 4K to an away game an hour away it's piss poor as the fans...
  18. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Play off predictor

    Lincoln for me can't see anything other than their rise continuing.
  19. AFaceInTheCrowd

    1FF End of season stats

    0 amount of times someone bringing a "monster following" to the Lane has actually "taken over" and "cause chaos has actually beat us this season. Mansfield Coventry Luton Lincoln only for them to sit in their allocated seats and behave themselves.
  20. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Notts v Luton

    After the Notts chairman almost encouraging Portsmouth to have a party on our pitch last season it's going to be hard to watch the same happen again especially as our season has gone tits up leaving us in the play offs.