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  1. Harrier94

    2018-19 National League North

    Wasn't at the game as I'm on holiday. Literally the only Tuesday I couldn't go to. From reports sounds like we didn't turn up so fair play to you guys. You managed to stop all our threats. Hoping for a big response on Saturday.
  2. Harrier94

    2018-19 National League North

    Storm Helena approaching. Chester fans your stadium going to be able to survive or not? :fish:
  3. Harrier94

    2018-19 National League North

    To be honest it helped your manager wrote our team talk. We just went out to prove him wrong and we did it emphatically. I was hesitant when we hired McFarlane but he's won around the supporters. He stuck with his 352 philosophy and it's worked. After a slow start with 3 draws we're really...
  4. Harrier94

    2018-19 National League North

  5. Harrier94

    Season Two, Round Three

    Boreham Wood 1-2 Barrow Bromley 1-2 Salford Dagenham & Redbridge 1-0 Chesterfield Dover 2-1 Solihull Leyton Orient 2-0 Barnet (B) Maidenhead 0-2 Halifax Wrexham 2-1 Ebbsfleet Fondop National North: Southport 1-2 Darlington York City 1-2 Kidderminster (B) Chambers National South: St Albans 2-1...
  6. Harrier94

    2018-19 National League North

    York's caretaker manager giving us a teamtalk. He seems very confident and hopefully, it comes back to bite him.
  7. Harrier94

    2018-19 National League North

    How has Harry White done? Never thought he was gonna be a replacement for Mills.
  8. Harrier94

    2018-19 National League North

    That could be a great signing for you. Remember we wanted him when he went to Halifax. Do you reckon you can make a push for one of the playoff spots now?
  9. Harrier94

    2018-19 National League North

    Peter Beadle has been sacked by Hereford.
  10. Harrier94

    Sack Race - 2018/19

    Heard unconfirmed reports it's Harry Wheeler.
  11. Harrier94

    FA Cup 2018/19

    Last year it was Deeping for us this year Atherstone. Another big banana skin waiting to happen.
  12. Harrier94

    2018-19 National League North

    2 footed and late. Could maybe be a yellow but can see why it's been given as a red.
  13. Harrier94

    2018-19 National League North

    Down to 2 unbeaten teams in the league now us and Chorley. Chorley obviously a lot better off than us so far.
  14. Harrier94

    Season Two, Round Two

    Barnet 2-1 Maidenhead Chesterfield 1-1 Dover Eastleigh 1-3 Fylde Rowe Ebbsfleet 1-0 Gateshead Halifax 1-1 Leyton Orient (B) Solihull 1-1 Hartlepool Brackley 1-0 Hereford (B) Stockport 2-1 Boston Bell East Thurrock 1-2 St Albans Slough 1-2 Oxford City Torquay 2-0 Chippenham Salisbury 3-0 Yate
  15. Harrier94

    Season Two, Round One

    Boreham Wood 1-1 Chesterfield Bromley 2-2 Barnet (B) Dover 0-2 Ebbsfleet Fylde 2-1 Salford Gateshead 1-2 Harrogate (B) Leyton Orient 2-0 Solihull Bonne Maidenhead 2-2 Eastleigh Maidstone 1-2 Sutton Wrexham 2-0 Halifax Fondop FA Cup qualifying: Aylesbury 1-1 Didcot Town Chasetown 2-1...
  16. Harrier94

    Most tinpot thing I ever heard. (tinpot thread)

    How long before a statement is put out saying something along the lines of "I've spoken to the players and had hundreds of messages from fans asking me to stay so I've changed my mind and will keep fighting to get Billericay promoted."
  17. Harrier94

    Season One, Round Eight results

    Why did I get no points for my goalscorers? Got Rowe and Chambers both scoring
  18. Harrier94

    2018-19 National League North

    First away win, clean sheet and still unbeaten. Not a bad Saturday. Think our 352 is finally coming together glad our manager stuck with it rather than panicking and abandoning his plan. Also Ed Williams :eyes: what a player he is.
  19. Harrier94

    Season One, Round Eight

    Chesterfield 1-2 Leyton Orient Ebbsfleet 0-2 Fylde (B) Rowe Gateshead 3-0 Maidstone Harrogate 1-1 Eastleigh Maidenhead 1-2 Bromley Sutton 1-2 Halifax National North: Boston 1-2 Kidderminster (B) Chambers Hereford 2-1 York City National South: Woking 1-2 Billericay Southern League Prem...