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  1. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Feeder clubs...

    Does anyone else's clubs seem to do a disproportionate amount of business with certain clubs? For us it seems to be Crawley after taking Izale McCloed, Enzio Boldewijn , Manager Harry Kewell and Rob Milsom back on loan with view to permanent signing in a fairly short period it also seems we pay...
  2. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Tuesday night games on Ifollow. Brilliant or short sighted?

    Personally I'm no fan of this. Not only will giving £10 match passes decimate midweek away support when it's £20 a ticket home gates will soon begin to suffer. My team Notts took less than 200 last night as people watched online as an alternative to travelling away on a warm August night...
  3. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Lincoln vs Notts

    Absolutely dreading this. Lambs to the slaughter. We are embarrassingly poor you should on paper sweep our pitiful defence of players who can no longer be arsed carry out the job they are paid for and did effectively last season without breaking too much sweat. Conceded 4 at home to Yeovil 3 at...
  4. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Salford City

    Some serious cash being banded about by them. Do fans of clubs who have spent time in non league believe the division is a forgone conclusion with the cash being spent or can the other clubs muster a shock? Personally I'd rather see clubs do it on merit than toy clubs being unsustainably funded
  5. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Things you know will happen next season

    Forgetting that Kevin Ellison was still playing as he wheels away in celebration to send the 16 travelling Morecambe fans into raptures. Mansfield bringing in excess of their home attendance to Meadow Lane and keeping the curse of not beating them going! MK Dons (customers) swaggering around...
  6. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Crap that people shout at football

    These characters must exist at every club and can brighten up even the most mundane of game. There's a bloke near me who continually shouts for Notts to "Gerrit forward!" And then shouts nothing but obscenities when a centre back pumps it forward with an aimless punt upfield. There's another...
  7. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Season review 2017 -2018

    Before we consign the season to the past and look forward have a bash at these: Club supported Notts County Best moment of the season: Few contenders here possibly the 4-1 win at Morecambe on Boxing Day or the cup upset to Brentford. Low point. Losing Yates and replacing him with crap like...
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    Play off predictor

    Lincoln for me can't see anything other than their rise continuing.
  9. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Guy Branston

    Now played an instrumental role in recruiting another poor squad which has taken Chesterfield to oblivion. I don't want this to come over as we told you so as I take no satisfaction out of a club like Chesterfield going down but surely other fans of league two clubs cannot let this individual...
  10. AFaceInTheCrowd

    New grounds success or disaster?

    Now I want to make this clear I have absolutely no beef with Colchester or their fans. I have visited their new stadium before and thought it was another bland identikit lego stadium like Shrewsbury for a club who have been removed from their community. But yesterday a few years on I couldn't...
  11. AFaceInTheCrowd

    It's in the sun so it must be true....

    The sun are reporting that Notts have offered £10k a week to a Spanish winger with a further £5k a week for every appearance. Seems absolutely bizarre story for a number of reasons: 1 this harks back to our Munto finance days of just bat shit craziness. 2 it's in the sun. 3 if we had this type...
  12. AFaceInTheCrowd

    The both got bored of Derry hoofball Derby! CUFC vs NCFC

    Massive game for us this if we are intending to have any form of promotion push. The lack of urgency in our play and unsettled team which seems to be picked out of a tombola in recent weeks leaves me not feeling too optimistic. Hopefully we pick something which vaguely resembles a midfield and...
  13. AFaceInTheCrowd

    2 Bob derby Notts vs Crewe

    Possibly the biggest gate of the season in the division. Crewe bringing over 1000 and on their third allocation Notts reporting that 15000 have been sold have made the offer very worthwhile. Crewe seem to be nosediving towards non league and Nolan seems to have learnt from his midfield...
  14. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Notts vs Crawley

    Massive game this given saturdays defeat to Exeter a win means we will stay up in the automatic places ahead of the weekend where we don't play due to hosting Swansea. Hoping that Nolan picks the team that ended the game and doesn't make mass changes.
  15. AFaceInTheCrowd

    FAO Crewe fans

    Our chairman is celebrating one year of running the club at our home game with you on 3rd Feb and all tickets are £2.
  16. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Adam Campbell Derby. Morecambe vs Notts

    After a nightmare journey in the snow over the m62 we've arrived in a pub nearby. Hoping for an away win as our form has dipped somewhat despite the euphoria over the 3-3 comeback. Amazed Campbell has stayed in the league the lad was allergic to scoring goals at notts.
  17. AFaceInTheCrowd

    The team Derry got relegated vs The team he won't take up. Notts vs Cambridge

    Hoping for a home win if Derry brought a team of "good lads" and "top pros" in who were past it 3 years ago?
  18. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Magpies vs fish Notts vs Grimsby

    Can't wait for the next game watching Notts at the moment. Should be a decent gate as all season ticket holders recieved a Christmas card from the club with an additional free ticket voucher for this match. If Grimsby were to bring 1000 we could potentially be looking at 8000 crowd as over 500...
  19. AFaceInTheCrowd

    The Clive Platt Derby Notts vs Colchester

    On the face of it this could be a tricky game with Colchester able to break into the play offs with a win. Hoping for a home win especially if Shola plays and Grant/ Yates are on form to stay in the top 2 and hopefully increase our points ahead of fourth place ahead of a tough next fixture...
  20. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Too far on a Tuesday Yeovil vs Notts

    Gutted I can't make this due to work. Know this journey is nothing compared to those made by Carlisle fans most weeks but when your sides doing well it's always frustrating not to be there. Notts are playing well at the minute but Nolan has a habit of mixing things up midweek. Would expect...