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  1. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Notts v Cheltenham (Relegation 6 pointer (minus Kewell))

    Can't wait for him to get sacked. Tired of his bullshit and excuses. Lost all respect for him after that sub against Oldham nothing has improved and I fear two positive results in the next two games if we got them will only paper of the cracks he's so out of his depth it's scary. He will take us...
  2. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Yates Sacked!!!

    Paul Ince lives nearby and could still play golf in the morning and run training mid afternoon no problem with such a small commute. Just saying!
  3. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Notts County v Crawley Town 2/10

    I thought Crawley weren't a bad team and would have definitely beat us less than a month ago quite comfortably.
  4. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Macc v Notts

    Looking forward to this can see 750+ travelling. Loss of Milsom could be significant but the addition of Tulley has had a profound impact. Hope to get a result as confidence must be higher.
  5. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Notts County v Crawley Town 2/10

    I'll say this quietly we don't look the shambles we were at the start of the season.
  6. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Notts County v Crawley Town 2/10

    Well deserved win but something bizarre happened! Crawley fans neither cheered nor celebrated their consolation. Weird.
  7. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Notts County v Crawley Town 2/10

    Would happily take a draw from this to keep our little run going with Maccclesfield away on Saturday 4 points from these two games would be brilliant.
  8. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Notts County v Crawley Town 2/10

    Coach is bolstered by a travelling Notts fan though!
  9. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Northampton v Notts County

    Fair reflection of the game. 14 officers I counted in the away end not including the 4 walking around the steak house behind the main stand. Don't ever talk to me about police cuts. Neither side had any trouble causers there today after 5 minutes officers should have been deployed elsewhere.
  10. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Northampton v Notts County

    Shocking game of football played by two talentless and gutless teams who will be lucky to survive. Absolutely putrid 90 minutes of football.
  11. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Feeder clubs...

    Does anyone else's clubs seem to do a disproportionate amount of business with certain clubs? For us it seems to be Crawley after taking Izale McCloed, Enzio Boldewijn , Manager Harry Kewell and Rob Milsom back on loan with view to permanent signing in a fairly short period it also seems we pay...
  12. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Notts v FGR

    Nice of our feeder club Crawley to let us have their manager and Milsom back. Becoming a lower league version of Liverpool raiding Southampton time and time again just with more depressing results!
  13. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Early runners and riders

    Our league position is a strange one imo. Going forward we are pretty threatening and are scoring regularly once the personal errors cutout is expext us to rise fairly quickly. Lots going off behind the scenes at Notts if rumours are to be believed and getting the right manager in before the...
  14. AFaceInTheCrowd


    If someone could offer me 52 point now I'd deal.
  15. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Notts v FGR

    FGR don't look a bad team this year. We are lacking men in our team who stick in a firm tackle and impose themself. We have shite like Husin who must have incriminating photos of someone to get selected and Vaughen who I'm not totally convinced can be arsed to continue playing football...
  16. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Lincoln vs Notts

    Really or looking forward to see us bullied and taken the piss out of. If he starts with Husin he can fuck off. Absolute joke of a footballer. It's actually baffling how our defence can be as porous as it is. Looking at the betting Lincoln with a 2 goal handicap is seriously tempting odds if I...
  17. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Lincoln vs Notts

    Pretty much have a look at a compilation of our defending this season. Absolute horror show. If I hadn't seen them be so solid last season it wouldn't be such a surprise.
  18. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Lincoln vs Notts

    Too many seem to think a trip to Sincil Bank is Fenerbache away the likelihood of a defeat and the complete lack of faith in the team will bring a following of around 1000. Nowhere near a sell out.
  19. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2018/19

    It would be incredibly sad to see Nolan sacked given how the galvanised the club last season but it would be justified. The same senior pros are clearly not playing for him the defence is worse than Sunday morning standard and the two clowns being picked in midfield are allergic and incapable of...
  20. AFaceInTheCrowd

    Tuesday night games on Ifollow. Brilliant or short sighted?

    Personally I'm no fan of this. Not only will giving £10 match passes decimate midweek away support when it's £20 a ticket home gates will soon begin to suffer. My team Notts took less than 200 last night as people watched online as an alternative to travelling away on a warm August night...