Arsenal Gets Boost in Chase for Perisic


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One thing is certain; Arsenal needs to sign at least two players in this transfer window. A centre back and a winger. If they want to have a fighting chance of finishing among the top four teams in England that's. The Gunners have been blowing both cold and hot so far this season and one of the reasons for that is the fact that the club lacks a proper winger and the defenders at the club are simply not good enough.

Having been linked with the signing of Barca's Denis Suarez for the bulk of the transfer window, it appears that it is Manchester United target Ivan Perisic that the Gunners may actually be signing. The Croatian has been in the past two transfer window been linked with a move to Manchester United but it appears either the rumours are not true or United have not been able to agree a price. Most bookmakers have shorted the odds of Perisic moving to Arsenal this summer. Today's best football bets are live and punters are advised to check out the best transfer odds.

But for Arsenal fans who may be worried that Manchester United will hijack the move for the world cup finalist, the good news is that United are no longer interested in the signing of the Inter Milan star. This is according to Manchester Evening standard. According to the report Ivan Perisic was wanted at Manchester United by now departed Jose Mourinho. This will be good news for Arsenal who may not financially be able to compete with Manchester United for the signing of Perisic or any other player for that matter.

It however remains to be seen if Inter Milan will let go the player this winter and on loan for that matter. From media reports, Arsenal wants the player on loan while Inter Milan are favourably disposed to letting him go on loan, they want to include a mandatory buy clause in the deal which Arsenal according to reports do not want.

And Arsenal not wanting a mandatory buy option in the clause makes a lot of sense. Ivan Perisic will be 30 at the end of the transfer window and could well be a flop in England. Considering how much has been tight for Arsenal, it will be stupid for the club to agree paying as much as the quoted 35 million pounds for a player that are not even sure will be a success in the premier league.

I think it is the same reason why Arsenal didn't sign Denis Suarez from Barca (who is much younger ). However, time is against the club, they need to either agree a deal one way or the other with Inter Milan or look for an alternative before the transfer window slaws shut on February 1.

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