Help for my master's thesis

Hey everyone :)

I'm a master's student from Aalborg, Denmark, and I'm working on my final project. The subject is women's football in England, and I was hoping that some of you would help me by answering a questionnaire that I've created for the assignment.
You don't need to know anything about women's football to answer it, because as long as you like football - all answers are of great help! It takes no more than 2-3 minutes to answer it - more if you choose to make comments (which is optional) :)

Thank you very much to everyone who participates :)
Thank you very much, Cornish-Piskie! The reason why I chose England has to do with the subject of my studies. I study Business Communication and English, so I need an English element in all assignments. And also, I mean, some would say that England is the home country of football, and from my Danish perspective, it seems that England has great traditions when it to football on the men's side. So it would be interesting to hear about how women's football is viewed :) And also, how the FA is perceived, because I think that Denmark and England are quite similar in that the Danish football association (DBU) is not too popular in the general public, and it is my impression that this is also the case in England.

You are more than welcome to share it - I need all the answers I can get :)
Hi fellow football fans :)

I'm a master's student from Denmark and I'm currently working on my final thesis about football in England. Therefore, I've made a survey that I would like to share with English football fans. If you've got a minute and a half (more if you comment), please feel free to take the survey - I would really appreciate it :)

Thank you very much to everyone who takes it :)