Horse Racing Thread


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13.45 zubayr
14.20 vision des good
15.25 balko des flos
16.40 chef des obeaux

Various multiples on them for me, not doing a big bet today. Also a bet on ms parfois in the 14.50 too.


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Not sure what the jockey thought he was doing on Landin. He must have been about 10 wide on the outside all the way round. Covered about 5 furling more than any other horse. Jockeys do your head in sometimes


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spireite_uk blademan89 Bobbin' anything on Windsor today? Slow day at work just planning on watching that for the afternoon.
Not really looked to be honest mate, tend to stay away from midweek betting where I can.

Used to love the Monday evening races at Windsor though a few years back when Richard Hughes was still riding. He used to win often and regularly won money on multiples of his rides.