How to Bet on Sports in 2018


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How to Bet on Sports?

The Premier League and European competitions are in full flow, with Champions League and Europa League football due to start again this month! With Football being one of the most popular sports in the UK, it’s a given that many football fans enjoy a bet on their favourite team and sport on the weekend. Betting can happen in many forms from accumulators with big odds hoping to win a big pay out, to focusing on value bets at smaller odds. Bookmaker Bonuses breaks down how to bet on sports for new online bettors and explain what you should look at when joining a new bookmaker.

What are odds?

One of the most important parts of online betting and gambling in general is to familiarise yourself with the term ‘odds’. Bookmakers use odds to indicate bettors with the possibility of a certain outcome. Odds are generally also a good guideline of which outcome has been backed the most by other gamblers, however it is up to you to use the odds provided by a bookie to calculate the risk you want to take on placing your bet. A bet consists of three parts:

- Odds: Price that the bookmaker offers you on an outcome
- Stake: This refers to the amount you wish to place on your bet
- Payout: The expected return from your stake and chosen odds if your selection wins

Which types of odds are available?

UK Bookmakers tend to offer two main types of odds:

1. Fractional Odds: These types of odds are the most common available and the easiest to understand for new bettors, for example: 3/1. In this example the 1 represent the stake that you place on your bet, whilst 3 is the return you will receive from your stake if you win. I.e. if you stake £5 on your 3/1 bet and your selections wins, you win £15. The total expected return would be £20 including your original £5 stake.

2. Decimal Odds: Decimal odds are a popular alternative to fractional odds and many users find these easy to understand. These odds are displayed such as the following: 1.25, 4.00, etc. Using our previous example: stake £5 on your 4.00 (3/1) bet and if your selection wins, you win £15. The total expected return would be £20 including your original £5 stake.

How to choose which betting site is best for you

Bookmakers run special offers for new and existing customers all the time especially around big events such as: Champions League, World Cup, Cheltenham, etc. Each online bookmaker will have it’s own strength, which can range from in-play betting, daily price boost to a mobile betting App. Bookmaker sign-up offers for new customers usually exist out of either a ‘Free Bet’ or ‘Matched Deposit Bonus’. A ‘Free Bet’ offer usually required you to bet a certain amount to unlock your free bet (i.e. Deposit & Bet £10 to receive a £20 Free Bet). A ‘Matched Deposit’ offer could be something such as: ‘Deposit up to £50 and receive a 100% matched bonus. The bonus amount you receive depends on the amount you first deposit into your account. Our experienced team of gamblers independently review all UK online betting partners and bonuses. Check it out + full FREE betting guide & offers:



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