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    Hello Non-League!

    Mate we were down here for 3 years and its not that bad, a few new grounds, top people and awful refs. Deffo no cakewalk mate and you will lose somewhere like chorley but all in all its not the end of the world
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    National League Fixtures - 19/1/2019

    We will be 9 if they come up.... struggled to beat our 3rd team end of last season
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    Dross joyce

    He did his hamstring trying to stay on his feet and get away from the defender when he realised the ref was not going to give anything
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    Dross joyce

    Im just musing was yesterday just a one off awful game for him or is he consistently that bad? Before i start swindon won fair and square so its not just becouse we lost . Any ref can get a decision wrong so im not going to dwell on all the small ones he got wrong ( about 30) and just focus on...
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    League 2 General Chat/Match Thread

    In the nicest possible way i really hope not!!! Something like 3 points in 11 games against you..... we could take the man city first team on loan and get beat by you chaps
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    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2018/2019

    I knew thatbwas powell , he was on the left hand side of the spurs end. My mate argued it wasnt him
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    Resurgent Silkmen vs Awayday Rovers

    Im in the home end with a macc supporting mate star lane end i think its called so if we score and you hear hard fist hitting soft flesh have some sympathy guys
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    Tranmere vs Yeovil

    Thats both managers then, mellon told a supporter to stop moaning and get behind the team
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    Tranmere vs Yeovil

    His substitutions were poor today i thought, the game was crying out for someone who could thread a pass between their big back 4... ie larnell cole
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    Tranmere vs Yeovil

    Wasnt it a lovely gesture by the Yeovil club to provide the ref today
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    National League - 26/12/2018 Fixtures

    What price shots, chesterfield and fax all going down this season
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    We will just use our 250k plus we make from playing spurs on the telly mate.
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Yes and no mate. 2 seasons ago he was probably the best winger in the division but got injured. Mellon massively messed up after our awful start last season and rushed him back v orient wher he was injured again . Since then he has struggled and it looks mental to be honest he seems to be going...
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    I believe chester are still celebrating the achievement today... parade up eastgate st maybe?
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    Notts v Tranmere (The season starts here?)

    Was it not swindle town that were relegated mate?