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    Fashionable to Unfashionable.

    Bury have lost their credibility all bar 150 tickets for the away end have to be bought off our website... we are taking no chances with the dosh
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    Amazing Stats

    For no other reason then it makes me smile typing it : Blyth spartans 8 ( eight ) chester city 1 . Sorry mrgloverlover probably off topic but you would enjoy typing the stat up if one of your west country rivals suffered this
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    Amazing Stats

    One penalty all season
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    Tranmere vs Forest Green

    Well said mucklowe
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    The Sorrow of being a Cambridge fan

    John becks Cambridge were one of the most annoying but effective lower league sides ive seen
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    What drives you mad?

    Add drums at footy grounds cannot stand them, i swapped stands at tranmere lets just say ours do not have the surnames bonham, moon or piert . Anyone that follows rugby league will appreciate theres one thing worse... huddersfield rlfc have a cowbell... god its annoying
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    What drives you mad?

    Just on that mate what about linesmen that ignore players pinching yards.. on Saturday mkd got 2 throws in succession and britten stole about 15 yards on each . I like the rugby league system lino stands where the ball went out and ballboy places a ball on the spot
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    Tranmere v Franchise

    Apologies to agard and mkd for the racist tosser who allegedly posted on instagram... i can guarantee you he does not speak for 99.9999 % of tranmere supporters and i guarentee you if he had been brave enough to make racist comments at the ground he would have been bounced out of the ground by...
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    What drives you mad?

    At your club. For me its whenever we get a free kick in a dangerous position and up wanders james norwood. Ok hes one hell of a striker and scored a belter of a free kick last season in the play off semi.... but its the only one ive seen him score in 4 years . Since that went in he insists on...
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    Coventry City

    If it saved macc i would be well pi**ed off
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    National League relegation battle 18/19

    Nls is going to be stupidly hard next season. The 4 relegated teams, moneyricy, woking or welling ( or even both) , consistant chelmsford and form teams slough and oxford. Should be a great division with absolutely no favouritism COME ON YOU SHOTS from me
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    Tranmere v Franchise

    please send handcock dont play him just send him to warm up in front of the town paddock for 5 mins, my mates and I have a few things we need to sort out with him from last april
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    Take just one player

    The 2 yeovil centre halves didnt give norwood or jennings a kick over 2 games
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    National League Fixtures - 6/4/2019

    Orient need to get wembley out of their heads, no good winning the trophy and not going up
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    Newport v Tranmere

    Been to rodney parade before but it was for the egg chuckers