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    Tranmere vs Exeter

    Exeter can be proud of the grecian army they didnt shut up all game superb effort, rlc is spot on Exeter were the best team until the goal but after that we looked in control. Two great saves in the game one from each keeper exeters young lad didnt look out of place for the...
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    League 2 General Chat/Match Thread

    Charles breakspear is far too posh a name to be involved in footy he probably sees himself as some feudal lord delivering rough justice to his serfs on the pitch..... at least in his head
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    League 2 General Chat/Match Thread

    Crawley cannot defend crosses once we worked that out only one team was going to win, palmer showed his class though mcnulty and monthe gave him one chance all game and he took it where as norwood took 2 of his 10. Highlight of the game the Crawley striker tripping over the ball with no one...
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    Port Vale vs Lincoln

    Lincolns first half performance was a cut above anything ive seen at prenton since sauuufend mullered us about 6 years ago. The only thing that could let them down is cowleys plan b of hoofing it up,to rhead , good centre backs like fatty mcnulty can handle that all day . County wont win the...
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    Port Vale vs Lincoln

    Was it me seeing things or were the vale players laughing with the lincoln players at 2-6 , if that was tranmere playerslaughing in those circumstances i would be fookin livid
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    Rovers v Macc

    Funny one this before the antics of april most rovers supporters attitude would have been i hope we win but hope macc get out of trouble but since coach gate and the mk dons reserve foul mouthed abuse of our club most rovers supporters hope we t wat them and they go down with a record low...
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    National League Fixtures - 29/9/2018

    You wanna swap ashmore for davies
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    League Cup 3rd round match thread all in one place

    Its well healed mate, had plenty to laugh at lately within our great rivalry that macc invented last spring
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    League Cup 3rd round match thread all in one place

    Just think of the sing song your players can have on the coach on the way home, i bet hancox is swearing his head off in his local in milton keynes after tonight.
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    Match Day National League September 4th/5th 2018 fixtures

    Dont panic we were 17th last october and still managed to scrape promotion, you will hit your stride as the season goes on squad depth is massive at this level the bigger clubs can cover injuries however the smaller clubs really struggle to handle thevliss of key players
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    Midweek games (Tuesday 21st)

    Spot on analysis adam, best players on the park were centre halves mcnulty for us and your big number 6 who didnt miss a header
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    2018-19 National League North

    Checked the time at prenton park and it was nearly ten past chester
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    National League - 4/8/2018 Opening Day Fixtures.

    I dont think mrs k will be happy if we do
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    National League - 4/8/2018 Opening Day Fixtures.

    Miss this good luck all
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    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2018/2019

    Cole stockton returning to us this week supposedly